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360° Light Field Display Makes Holograms A Reality

We briefly mentioned in passing a couple weeks ago the incredible 3D Hologram technology, developed by thestrange, mantis-like technophiles working away in subterranean isolation at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.

We mentioned it by dint of the fact that they chose to demonstrate it with a wire-frame TIE Fighter, just like in the original Star Wars. But now video has been uploaded to YouTube of the device and it’s a lot cooler than I had previously thought.

The hologram is viewable from any angle, can project extremely complicated models in color and, if I’m looking at it right, seems to be able to project holograms of objects in real time: for example, it could potentially project a gigantic holographic homunculus of a speaker to an audience in real time.

The official site is here, but certainly too sophisticated for a luddite for me. The gyst is that the device works by rotating a slanted mirror at incredible speeds to project over 5,000 images a second. Incredible.

360° Light Field Display [YouTube]

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