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Would U C Spider-Man, The Musical?

Everyone knows that Spider-Man is a super successful franchise and that Spidey can be considered one of the great movie superheroes of all time.  Recently, news hit the Web that Broadway and film director Julie Taymor will direct a Broadway spectacle/spectacular in which the Web-slinger will get the musical treatment.

Before you say, Oh, God, please, no!, remember that Taymor is the smartie behind Broadway’s The Lion King.  She also often works with her husband and equal smartie, film soundtrack scorer, Elliot Goldenthal (Interview With A Vampire, Frida).  Maybe Goldenthal will add a song or two to the music by Bono and The Edge from U2.

After learning all this, I’m ready with my $100 for a ticket now, well, almost.  Do you think Spidey should swing from the Broadway rafters or should he stay as an onscreen icon?

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