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What’s Your Best Rock ‘n Roll Movie?

When I read this morning on Cinematical that legendary rock chick Joan Jett will be starring in Endless Bummer, I wondered how good it will be. Jett is a brilliant performer, but she sounds a bit wooden to me on her Sirius radio show.  Can’t wait to see it, though.

Then, I got to thinking, which is the best rock movie of all time? (Guess I’m still in a rocking mood after Lollapalooza.) The movie has to rock; it has to have an edge; it probably has to have some sort of addiction, too. I’m talking fiction, not documentary.  So let’s start Round One this way.  Which is better Tommy, the tuneful Who adapatation with Ann-Margret or The Rose, which still jerks a tear or two from me, starring Bette Midler?  Rock out and let me know.



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