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What Are The Top 25 Biggest Celeb Scandals?

It only goes back to 1982, but Entertainment Weekly’s Top 25 Celeb Scandals has got enough E! Network salacious-ness to keep me reading. Yet, first off, I totally disagree that the Janet Jackson-Timberlake Nipplegate is the Top Scandal.   It was a bogus, planned event.

But I do think that Mel Gibson’s racist meltdown should be high on the list (It’s #2) and that Rob Lowe’s sex tape from back in the day should be down on the list as it is at #21, but on the list.  Hugh Grant’s prostitution moment is 4th, and that seems a little high to me, especially since it didn’t affect his career all that much.  Lindsay’s crazy car chase is here, too (at #15), as if Woody Allen’s marriage to Soon-Yi (#6). But where’s Paris’ sex tape or Paris racism tape?  Seems like EW doesn’t think she’s celeb enough. Pity: it was so nasty.

What do you think is the biggest celeb scandal of the past 25 years?  Let’s stick to movie celebs, though.

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