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The Rock In Witch Mountain Redo

Yep, Disney has a great treasure chest of films, everything from Mary Poppins to Escape to Witch Mountain. The temptation to remake some of the 700+ flicks must be great.  And,  yep, The Rock proved he can play an adorable character with his role in The Gridiron Gang.  Back in the day, both critics Ebert and Canby hated the original film and the child magic makers who were pursued by a nasty millionaire. Canby said, "It’s not very scary, but neither is it very exciting."  Still, some critics have come to love the movie over time.

So here’s hoping Disney and The Rock come up with something that’s better than the original.  Me, I think the idea of the sequel is a horrible thing, kind of like a heroin is for former Kate Moss boytoy, Pete Doherty.  Hollywood execs, like Pete, just can’t stop taking the poison.  How would it work?  Make it darker, like the original novel.

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