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The 10 Worst Sci-Fi Shows Ever

Today seems like an excellent day for sci-fi themed list. Following on the heels of the Top 5 Movie Franchises That Deserve A Second Sequel List comes this contradictorily titled Forever Geek entry, the Top 10 Worst Sci-Fi Shows Ever.

As the Forever Geeksters point out, it’s easy to forget in this renaissance of sci-fi television that there have been a lot of terrible genre shows over the years. Hell, I’d go as far as to say that most have been terrible: nothing seems to galvanize the television industry in their pursuit of tedium-culling mediocrity than a whiz-bang sci-fi gimmick. Small Wonder anyone?

That said, most of Forever Geek’s list has a delicious camp edge to it that makes me hard pressed to say that I never got any enjoyment out of these shows. Consider the clip above, from the show Manimal. With the most remedial of special effects, the most inebriated of stop-motion animation, the Manimal producers induce a transformation by their protagonist. The scene last two minutes and not one second goes by where your belly isn’t full of laughter. How can anything that gives such enjoyment be bad?

Top 10 Worst Sci-Fi Shows Ever [Forever Geek, via Neatorama, via Cynical-C, via SciFi Signal… whew!]

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