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The 10 Most Over-Quoted Movies

Not that they have to, but often blogs don’t impress me.  They’re rarely well researched.  Rather, they’re usually spews and rants.  But over at Quigspot, there an nicely researched story worthy of, well, at least Radar.   The idea: people quote movies way too much, so much, it makes Quigspot rage righteously.

Everything from Monty Python ("I fart in your general direction") to Austin Powers ("Yeah, baby!") gets raked over the coals.  It’s not the movies that are hated so much.  It’s the people who quote them.  What’s Number One?  300 ("This is Sparta!").  All, sadly, are still being quoted!

So which are your most Over-Quoted movies, the ones that, when quoted, make you wanna scream in anguish?

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