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SuperBad’s Greg Mottola: Typecast?

As you know from reading Future of Classic, I’m a big Greg Mottola fan.  I’m really glad SuperBad hit Number 1 for two weeks running — and it may do that for a third week, depending on what you do regarding seeing Rob Zombie’s Halloween which drops on Friday.

What’s up next for Mottola?  According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, "Set in summer 1987, "Adventureland" is about an uptight, recent
college grad who is forced to take a degrading minimum-wage job at
an amusement park when he realizes he cannot afford his dream
European tour. But along the way, he discovers love, friendship and
newfound maturity."  Filming begins in October.

My question?  Even though Mottola will surely do a great job with the comedy, will he be typecast doing the teen and college films?   Judging from his first feature, Daytrippers, Mottola’s got much more in him than teen comedies. 

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