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Star Wars vs. Star Trek in Lightwriting

Light drawing is a new, ephemeral type of street art which uses wands of light captured by cameras to stitch together glorious neon shows of interplaying lights and colors. It’s neat stuff, and far less vandal-like in nature than traditional graffiti. It’s also giving birth to some very cool internet videos based on stop-motion animating the resulting photos.

This is one of the best light writing videos I’ve ever seen and, even better, it’s gloriously sci-fi themed. Titled “Star Wars vs. Star Trek”, it features robotic trashcans, dimensionally-warping telephone booths and frantic light saber battles in the streets of London. The video was done by light writing group LICHTFAKTOR for Sky Movies.

It has something of Star Wars and Star Trek about it, but even more than that, it feels a bit like a Wizard of Speed and Time for the 21st century. Highly recommended, check it out.

star wars v star trek [MySpace, via Wooster]

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