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Siskel & Ebert: Dead Guy & Old Guy Hit Web

There’s no doubt that Roger Ebert offered up his best TV reviews when he was paired with cranky Gene Siskel.  I’ve never really enjoyed his pairings with critics after Gene died.  Now, all of the Roger & Gene’s TV reviews have been archived on the Web at a site called At The Movies.  Tonight at 7 p.m. Central Time Ebert and (unfortunately) Roeper will have an online chat at the site, presumably all about the 5,000 review library.

Two complaints: There’s something screwy with the site. I got an error message when I tried to view the Schindler’s List review.  Also, the site’s kinda boring.  The best thing about Siskel & Ebert was the bitching, the moaning, the sour faces and the rolling of the eyes at each other’s ideas as in this uncensored, vituperative YouTube video.  I’m not saying the new site should be that raw.  But on the site, they should have links to the Best Arguments, the Worst Sour Faces, that kind of thing.  Come on, guys: step on the gas.  Still, it’s terrific archive for fans of movie history.

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