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A couple of very cool sci-fi themed projects came out of this year’s SIGGRAPH conference on computer graphics, specifically in the emerging technologies exhibit.

The first exhibit was an Interactive 360-Degree Light Field Display… or, in other words, a hologram. The technobabble:

This display renders the light field of an object – with correct geometric, accommodation and vergence cues in a horizontal plane – by rendering and projecting imagery at 5,000 frames per second onto a spinning anisotropic reflector. Motion-tracked vertical parallax is then employed to allow for unrestricted 3D movement with correct geometric cues.

The hologram looked correct from any point of view. And what could be more proper than using a wire-frame Tie Fighter, a la A New Hope, as the model for the experiment?

But as cool as that is, I have to admit I’m a bit more fond of the vegetable xenomorph on the right. It’s a digital painting by Till Nowal called Salad, modeled and rendered in 3DS Max as an homage to H.R. Giger and Giuseppe Arcimboldo. The eggplant for the head is a particularly brilliant touch.

Siggraph 2007: Emerging Technologies [OZOUX]

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