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Recovering Owen Wilson Off Stiller Film

There are a few things I have to say about Owen Wilson’s rumored suicide attempt.  First, it’s a sad thing all the way around, as is depression as is drug addiction. I hope he recovers and lives a happy, unfettered life. Second, there seems to be a double standard when it comes to sick men versus sick women in Hollywood.  Look at the media frenzy that surrounded Lindsay Lohan when she went to rehab or Anna Nicole Smith when she died from an overdose, and look at the generally more subdued reports about Owen Wilson. 

Makes me wonder: Do the tabloid media think readers and watchers of their lurid reports drool more about young women stars than male stars?  Are they fearful of Hollywood’s men and not their women?  Or is it simply that the very idea of suicide is taken more seriously and reported more carefully by the media? I’m just asking. 

Meanwhile, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Wilson has been dumped from or quit the Ben Stiller-directed, Justin Theroux-written comedy Tropic Thunder.  When I talked to Theroux last week, he was totally psyched about the comedy in which a troupe of actors filming a Viet Nam movie gets lost in the jungle.  However well the shoot is going in exotic Hawaii, this has got to put a damper on it.

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