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Real-Life Laser Guns To Boil Intestines From Five Miles Away

LasergunBad news, Iraqi Insurgents! The US Military may soon have working sci-fi laser rifles, capable of blasting a laser beam through a target from up to five miles away.

If the Jason Bourne films have taught me anything, it is to incapacitate enemies with devastating and methodical brutality. Why make weird Bruce Lee noises with your mouth and dance around the room like a fruit when a haymaker to the testicles or stabbing someone in the hand with a Bic works just as well? This is something AMC ought to keep in mind about me when salary re-negotiations go underway later this year: I am just as much a warrior in the negotiation room as I am on the run from the CIA in Berlin.

So as a science fiction enthusiast, I welcome any technology that allows us to vaporize, scorch or obliterate our enemies with maximum efficiency.Of course, there’s a pretty big problem with any technology where a projectile keeps on going for another five miles… possibly into the backs of one of your troops on the other side. Han Solo really never seemed to have that problem.

5-Mile Laser Rifle In the Terrifying Works [Slice of SciFi]

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