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Prediction: New Coen Bros. Flick Will Rock You

Wow.  Place always-surprising literary novelist Cormac McCarthy together with the Coen Brothers and what do you have?  Maybe the best Coen Brothers movie since Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?.  When No Country for Old Men hits the Toronto Film Festival on September 8, and later, the New York Film Festival, expect critics to be raving.

Why?  Many reasons.  Even the age restricted trailer pumps up my blood to the extent that I need to see the movie — right now.  More, Cormac McCarthy rewrote the rules to the crime novel with No Country For Old Men with brain-curdling themes that have confounded men and women since the dawn of time.

Like McCarthy, the Coen Brothers never tell a bare bones story.  They go deeper, and the imagery and themes stay with you.  Add Tommy Lee Jones as the disillusioned old sheriff and Javier Bardem as the crazed, make-your-own-weapon-brandishing criminal, and you’ve got what may well be the killer movie of the fall when it drops in November.  Better read the book and get primed now.

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