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Overdrift: Dinosaurs Meet Drift Racing

Forget everything you think you know about the Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction Event. The dinosaurs never went extinct. Instead, they were an advanced saurian genus of drift racers and escaped this planet before the comet hit by drifting into another dimension. Now they live in another world as human-dinosaur hybrids, a dimension where everyone drifts all the time because it’s impossible to drive straight. But one haunted paleontologist is about to discover their world and, in the process, become the savior of our own… through the power of the Overdrift.

Overdrift is, perhaps, the most hysterical YouTube clip I’ve seen in a while, a bizarre mash-up of Initial D, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. It was originally filmed as a pilot for Channel 101 but in what can only be conclusive proof of that site’s utter stupidity, it never got enough votes to become a full series.

More the shame, because everything about Overdrift is perfect. The downshift from reverse to drive. The Dino Drawings in ancient Egypt, prophesying a Chosen One who will save the dino world from destruction through his skill at drift racing. The bumbling Egyptian paleontologist with the fake moustache who doesn’t seem quite clear on what a dinosaur is. Hard-drinking Grampa Cockamura and the line “Fairy tales and magic, old man!” This may well be the funniest sci-fi spoof I’ve ever seen.

Overdrift [YouTube]

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