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Norton Talks The Incredible Hulk

At the recent San Diego Comic Con Incredible Hulk panel, Edward Norton talked a bit about the methodology of the new film, and this YouTube video is a snatch from his talk on the superfluous, hurried nature of origins in superhero films.

Norton’s a smart guy, and I think he’s right: most superhero films (especially the first entry in a franchise) feel a need to cover the origin story, but the origin very rarely integrates well with the story of the whole. If you look at Superman or Spiderman, the origins are almost self-contained stories crammed into the first thirty minutes of the film. Sequels to comic book movies tend to be better films, largely by dint of not having to worry about the origin anymore.

Norton plans to weave the origin through the narrative, revealing certain elements at certain times, according to the dramatic arc of the larger story. I think that’s a good plan, since really, Bruce Banner’s transformation into the Hulk can be summed up in two minutes: “Scientist caught in gamma bomb explosion.”

I’m delighted that Marvel has decided not to wait to get the Hulk Hollywood franchise off the ground after the dreadful Ang Lee version released 3 or 4 years ago, and Norton being attached to the project is a great step in the direction of a superhero film that is just as dramatically satisfying as it is visceral.

Edward Norton Talks “The Hulk” At Comic Con 2007 [Slice of SciFi]

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