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News From the Venice International Film Festival

Lust, Caution
, Ang
Lee’s entry in the Venice International Film Festival, has caused a bit of a
geographical dust-up. In a statement
that reads, in part,
"The black hand of China has entered the pure
world of art," Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council
objected to listing the film’s origin in festival literature as “Taiwan,
China,” which implies that the independent island nation is part of China. 

Many of the films in competition
explore dark themes like corporate corruption (Michael Clayton, starring George Clooney), the Italian Mafia (
Il Dolce e L’Amaro), police brutality in Egypt (Heya Fawda) and the Iraq War (Paul
Haggis’ In the Valley of Elah, Brian
De Palma’s Redacted).

"For me cinema is now the best answer to war," fourth-time
festival director Marco Mueller said in a recent interview. 

Perhaps it is also the best answer to the problems of the
Upper East Side domestic worker. The Nanny Diaries screens tomorrow.

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