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My Eyes! EW’s 50 Best Tearjerkers

Personally, I try to steer clear of films that make me cry.  I mean, real life’s got enough tears as it is.  Still, I understand the need to commiserate with your favorite stars in onscreen fiction.  Yet I’m not sure I agree with Entertainment Weekly that Terms of Endearment is the Best Tearjerker of All Time — although that Debra Winger dying in bed scene certainly is really a downer. 

Am I wrong to think that Brian’s Song and Love Story inspired more tears in moviegoers? And why is Brokeback Mountain the only movie in the last 15 years to make the Top 10 List?  I’m just asking.  Overall, it’s a thoughtful list.  But still.  Terms of Endearment?  What’s your Best Tearjerker?  I know you can do better than Terms of Endearment.

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