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Lawsuit Alert: Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

What better way to celebrate a movie’s 20th anniversary than with a lawsuit?  Since we’ve been discussing movie quotes in The Future of Classics filmosphere, I want to point out that movie quotes are trademarks usually owned by the companies that release the movies themselves.  So it came as no surprise that Lionsgate is suing a passel of companies for using the memorable Dirty Dancing quote spewed by that macho protector of females, Patrick Swayze, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

According to Reuters, "’The American Film Institute voted ‘Nobody puts Baby in a
corner’ as one of the top 100 most popular quotes from a motion
picture,’ the lawsuit states. ‘Plaintiff markets and sells
merchandise with the movie trademarks through approved
licensees as part of the Dirty Dancing line of approved

"The defendants, many of which market baby clothing and
merchandise, are not authorized to use the mark and have
created a likelihood of confusion with merchandise authorized
for sale by Lionsgate, the lawsuit alleges."  Pay up, you baby-bib-dealing rip off artists!

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