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Late Night Public Domain Sci-Fi Theater: Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet

Could there be any more archetypical 60s sci-fi plot than Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet‘s? Two astronauts, accompanied by a robot, explore the surface of the molten planet Venus, only to be attacked by monsters and man-eating plants.

Oh, it’s a goofy, bad and wonderful film, but it’s real appeal lies in its curious backstory: Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet was originally a Soviet sci-fi film called Planeta Bur (also known as Cosmonauts on Venus, Planet of Storms, Planet of Tempests, Planeta Burg and Storm Planet… whew!). Roger Corman bought the film up and hired director John Sebastian to cheaply Americanize it.

It’s also fairly interesting for starring an aged Basil Rathbone in the lead.

Look, public domain sci-fi isn’t good, per se: that’s usually why it’s public domain. But over late night Friday beers with a bunch of friends ready to heckle? It ranks up there with the best of films.

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