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Jurassic Park IV To Star Uzi-Toting Dinos?


I liked all three Jurassic Park movies. I don’t mistake them for excellent movies, but I’m a sucker for giant dinosaurs crunching on squealing humans. The science is garbage and so are the plots, but I can’t help but subdue a girlish squeal when a raptor rushes out of the jungle to slash through a porky scientists intestines.

So I would not, in theory, be adverse to a Jurassic Park 4. God knows there can’t be too many dinosaur movies for my taste. But the rumor is that JP4 may possibly have the stupidest plot ever feverishly dreamed by a cracked-out executive.

According to Bloody Disgusting (admittedly, not quite the Hollywood Reporter of film rumors): “the film is about the government who has trained dinosaurs to carry weapons and use them for battle purposes.”

This could actually be awesome stupid: I am not so proud as to deny that I would love to see a movie featuring a hyper-intelligent Tyrannosaurus Rex, in Iraq, using its tiny arms to lug a bazooka over its massive saurian shoulder.

‘Jurassic Park IV’ Story Details Revealed, Casting Begins! [Bloody Disgusting]

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