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Is Old Dogs The Same Old Same Old?

Today, the word from the Hollywood Reporter is that Bernie Mac will be joining John Travolta and Robin Williams as a star in the Disney movie, Old Dogs.  I love all of these actors.  But think about this plot:
"Old Dogs is a buddy comedy revolving around two best
friends and business partners whose lives are turned upside down when
they find themselves taking care of 7-year-old twins."

I don’t know about you, but haven’t we seen this kind of movie a dozen times before, like, in Three Men and a Baby?  Yes, it’ll be heartwarming and touching at times, I’m sure.  But it sounds like the same old, same old to me.  These great actors should be given something new, something interesting.  At least something that’s only been done, like, two times before.  The only cool thing I can see right now is that Travolta’s kid, Ella Bleu, will make an appearance.  Start ’em early, John.

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