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Homebrew Lightsaber Duel: Ryan vs. Dorkman

For all its problems, The Phantom Menace gave the world lightsaber combat. Certainly, it existed before: the original Star Wars trilogy featured tons of it. But it was graceless, unagile: two stumbling men swinging fluorescent bulbs at one another like baseball bats jousted with the finesse of an overweight street thug who has just suffered a debilitating stroke. The Phantom Menace changed all that: it showed us how fluid, how lightning quick, how dazzling lightsaber combat was meant to be.

Oddly enough, though, George Lucas never did manage to top the combat in The Phantom Menace and so the challenge has passed on to the fans. And they’ve been successful. Consider this incredible homemade lightsaber duel between Ryan and Dorkman. It’s a bit overlong, but otherwise every bit as good (if not a little bit better) than what we’ve seen in the prequel films. And it even has a hand getting lopped off! No lightsaber duel would be complete without it.

RvD2: Ryan vs. Dorkman 2 [Stage 6]

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