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Halfway There

Having made it about halfway on my highly arbitrary journey through the horror alphabet, I thought I’d say a quick word of thanks to all those readers who have been sending back their insights and expansions on my posts. As the officially LEAST EDUCATED horror writer on AMC’s Monsterfest team, I always feel like I’m writing from a position of enthusiastic ignorance. My only genuine qualification for writing about horror films is that I’m one of those people whose view of life – whose whole personality, in fact – was shaped by the horror movies I watched as a child and as a teenager. Horror movies made me, in large part, the person I am today, and this fact makes me fairly comfortable writing about them even when – as is often the case – I’m really just wandering around in the fog.

All of this explains why I’ve been so interested in reading what people have had to say about the subjects I’ve picked. Whether showing me where I’ve been off base or how an idea or theme I’d noticed in one or two films shows up in lots of other ones as well, the responses have broadened my appreciation for how many other people have the same kind of curious relationship to this genre that I have. When I’m watching a good horror movie, I feel – oddly enough – at home. These movies make sense to me in a way that no other kind of movie does. I’d never been so foolish as to think I was unique in this way, but my time on Monsterfest has given me a clearer picture of just how far from unique I really am. 

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