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Friday Night Sci-Fi Theatre: Kin-Dza-Dza!

Tonight’s Friday Night Sci-Fi Viewing is the delightfully bizarre Soviet cult film Kin-Dza-Dza!

I’ll let Wikipedia give you an overview of the plot:

"The story takes place on the desert planet "Plyuk" (pronounced "Plewk") in the "Kin-Dza-Dza" galaxy, where two humans – Uncle Vova and Fiddler – are accidentally stranded due to an alien teleportation device. The movie describes their long quest to find a way back home.

The natives of the planet appear human, with deceptively primitive-looking technology and a barbaric culture, which satirically resembles that of humans. They are telepathic; the only spoken words normally used in their culture are “koo” and “kew”, the latter being a swear word. The society of Plyuk is divided into two categories: Chatlanians and Patsaks. Chatlanians are privileged, and a system of rituals must be followed by the Patsaks to show flattery. The basis of their difference is unexplainable (a source of a humorous episode), and for all practical matters they are distinguished with aid of a small handheld device (visator)….

A good deal of the plot is based the fact that ordinary matchsticks (kts) (or, rather, the chemicals of the match head) are extremely precious."

Perhaps the only film you’ll ever see with a glossary during the intermission. Part two is below.

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