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Feds Foil Former Film Fighter?

Steven Seagal is blaming the decline
of his once-lucrative career on the FBI. Some years back, Seagal was implicated in the ongoing Anthony Pellicano
case: an affidavit alleges that the action star hired the Hollywood private eye
to menace LA Times freelance reporter Anita M. Busch, who was researching
connections between Seagal, his former producing partner
Julius R.
Nasso, and various New York mob figures.

While Pellicano has been in prison
since February of 2006 (his trial on federal wiretapping and racketeering
charges was recently pushed back to early 2008), Seagal was never charged. Still, he says the impact on his livelihood
has been devastating. 

"These kinds of inflammatory allegations scare studio
heads and independent producers — and kill careers," he told the Los
Angeles Times. 

But a quick visit to the film
rating site Rotten Tomatoes shows no precipitous decline. Only 27% of the critics give Seagal a positive
rating – and that’s overall since 1988.

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