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Exclusive: Dedication’s Mandy Moore: Her Favorite Movies

When actor/director Justin Theroux’s Dedication hits theaters on August 24, viewers of the very edgy (yet perfectly old-fashioned) love story will note that Mandy Moore has grown as an actress — big time, just as she’s matured as a singer with the stripped down CD, Wild Hope

I’ll have a long-ish Q/A with Moore (and Theroux, too) when the film premieres.   But for now, hit the jump for Mandy Moore’s favorite films — and the classic she’d die to remake.

Says Moore of her favorites,  "Beaches is a good guilty pleasure movie, for sure.  Whenever I’m with my best girlfriend and we want to sob, we watch Beaches. Annie Hall‘s one of my favorites because I just think it’s the perfect romantic comedy.  Diane is amazing. I don’t think you can make a better romantic comedy.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind completely blew me away.  And you have to see that movie Once because it’s so beautiful.  Everything’s beautiful about it.  The acting. The music."

But what movie does Mandy really want to do?  "I want to make a new movie version of Guys and Dolls really badly.  And I want to do it on Broadway, too.  It was my favorite play to do as a kid. (Makes a fist and gives a small swing of hope).  One day I will do that."  Go, Mandy, go!

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