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Entourage: The Movie?!?!?!

How cool is this?  Various sites are reporting today that HBO’s Entourage may soon hit the big screen. The rumors spawned like tumors after Jeremy Piven told, "’Ultimately, it would be fun to make a movie,’ Piven added, addressing
the rumors by saying he’d be happy to follow the Sex and the City
gals’ lead of taking things to the next level. "That would be fun —
Entourage: The Movie‘ would be really fun."

I’m not a naysayer.  But I wonder if Entourage really has the stuff to be killer on the big screen.  I’d certainly check it out since it’s one of my favorite TV shows.  But on occasion, the a few of the TV shows seem like placeholders.  They better not do that with the movie!  In fact, I’d wait to do a movie until the TV show has finished, a la Sex and the City.  Even more than an Entourage movie I’d really like to see Medellin, the indie movie starring the Vincent Chase character that’s within the show.  I mean, they already made a trailer.  So let’s see the movie!

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