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Elizabeth Taylor Returns With Love Letters!

I don’t read the gossip columns as much as I used to, which means I still look at them about two or three times a week.  But on Friday, the great Liz Smith wrote an item in her column about movie queen Elizabeth Taylor, a classic if there ever was one.

Taylor is apparently returning to the stage to star in AR Gurney’s nearly perfect play and very decent movie, Love Letters.  Says Smith, "Elizabeth Taylor will perform in Hollywood, starring in A.R. Gurney’s
classic play, Love Letters. Her co-star will be that great voice and
actor James Earl Jones. This is to be a one night only event where Miz
Liz raises a million dollars for AIDS."

I saw Love Letters years ago at the Promende Theater with Richard Thomas and Swoozie Kurtz.  And I cried once or twice, so touching were the words in the letters.  If Taylor’s on, and she will likely be because it’s a performance for charity, this will be one landmark performance.  I hope some does a video and posts it on the Web.

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