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Do You Prefer Short Or Long Movies?

Is our collective attention span becoming far shorter?  A while back I’d heard that the average viewer checks out a YouTube clip for only 15 seconds.  Along those lines, I found myself restless when watching the epic movies like the latest Harry Potter or the trilogy of The Lord of The Rings.  Even though the plots of both are great, a film that goes over two hours makes me fidget.

On the other hand with movies hitting $11 and $12, you might feel that the longer the movie, the better the bang for the buck.  Still, even though The Simpsons Movie was short, I left the movie wanting more — not like I was ripped off, but yearning for a sequel (which I rarely do).  I remember that Elvis Costello‘s early gigs lasted only about a half hour.  There was frenzy and dancing, and he always left the audience wanting more.

So I ask you, do you prefer your movies short or long? 

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