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DIY Dalek


I have always wanted my very own Dalek. I picture it scooting around my apartment like one of those battery-powered robots they sold at the Sharper Image in the 80’s, or a Roomba, vacuuming up pipe ash and balancing a tray of brandy on its head while shrieking, “THE DOCTOR! THE DOCTOR! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!”

Unfortunately, robotic consumerism has not yet targeted my absurd demographic. But it turns out that it is not only very easy to build your own one-quarter scale Dalek, but the Internet has instructions.

It does not appear to be expensive, but of course, you can spend more according to how much authenticity you want. For example, no Dalek is complete without a green tentacled mutant as the chewy center in the middle of the crunchy outer shell. An octopus will be suffice, but live octopuses of the proper color and size are difficult to find outside of exotic pet traders.

My advice would be to follow the instructions, but use a Roomba as a base. Flatten the head and bolt a platter to it to facilitate the Dalek conveyance of a platter of booze. Insert a tape recorder with your own Dalek dialogue. The perfect robot Jeeves for the sci-fi house.

Building a one-quarter scale dalek [Thinky Things, via I Am Addicted, via SciFi Signal]

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