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Customs to Browncoats: May I Have Your Passport, Please?


I’ve commented before on the gorgeous intricacy of Firefly’s set and prop guys. It’s amazing, but even though the show only last 14 episodes, they managed to create a palpable, entirely different yet somehow grokkable universe for the fans, with a minimum of verbal elaboration. Instead, the details that explain the world of Firefly are all in the costumes, the backgrounds, the things held casually held in the hand.

It’s no surprise that Browncoats around the world are now scouring their DVDs, pausing and zooming in, looking to recreate some of these universe-defining props. And one of the cooler Firefly merchandising projects I’ve seen is this project by Quantum Mechanix to reproduce the Official Serenity Ship Papers: sort of the trans-planet ship passport of the Firefly universe.

Of course, a lot of creativity went into the making of these too:

As part of our research into creating the Ship Papers, we went back to some originals props from the series, but were disappointed to find there was really nothing there,” said Andy Gore, QMx Director of Marketing and project manager for the Ship Papers. “They were just some trust documents that someone slapped a new title on to look good on camera, but they didn’t have any actual ‘Verse content in them.

So they created the ‘Verse content themselves. I really love Browncoats: they are just the most indefatigably loyal and creative of sci-fi fans.

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