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Box Office Numbers of the Beast: Right at Your Door

RightatyourdoorposterIs horror struggling? This very Friday should be the big tester, since that’s when Halloween comes out, and I think in all the preparations for that this one slipped under the radar.

By this one, of course, I mean Right at Your Door which those sinister dudes in the Thrillers department slid over to our desk at the last possible minute.  I had to make a panicked call to Mordicai (captured here) to prep for it.

With little marketing and on very few screens, it captured about $31,000.  Not too hot, but it got some decent reviews.  Maybe in wider release it can get a little more attention.  It’s really the only movie in the top 50 that comes even close to our genre of choice, and it does have a pretty cool poster.

I can’t wait to see the numbers for Halloween.  You know I’ll be logging on to and hitting "refresh" all Sunday.

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