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Both Cape Fears Back 2 Back This Sunday!



Tip of the weekend:  Cape Fear (1962) by J. Lee Thompson and Cape Fear (1991) by Martin Scorcese will be shown on AMC this Sunday, August 12 between 6 p.m. and the midnight hour.  Watch ’em and tell me which you liked best.  To get you stoked, here are some facts about each.

Cape Fear (1962) 
Gregory Peck was asked do be the villain, but lobbied hard to be the hero, and got the gig.
-Polly Bergen got a little banged up in one scene. She was forced into a door that was supposed to be open, but was locked.
-Peck punched Robert Mitchum for real in one scene, so hard that Mitchum pass out later in his trailer.

Turn the page for trivia about Cape Fear (1991).

Cape Fear (1991)
Robert De Niro paid $5,000 to have his teeth changed to look more like Max Cady.
Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore auditioned for the role of Danielle Bowden, which went to Juliette Lewis.
-It took only one day for Gregory Peck to complete his cameo for the movie.

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