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Battlestar Galactica Trumps Trek


Less a blog post than a thesis on the comparative value of Battlestar Galactica versus Star Trek, this 10 Reasons Why Battlestar Trumps Trek is actually far more insightful than the usually idiotic Internet sub-genre of the Top 10 list usually commands.

Livejournal Shasplim makes some very compelling arguments on why BSG is — if not better — more dramatically compelling than Trek. A lot of his points are right on the money: Trek is about explorers, while BSG is about refugees. Trek is a series while BSG is a serial. And so on.

But the observation I thought was incredibly astute was Shasplim’s observation that, in Star Trek, characters already live in the utopia of its own enthusiastic futurist creator. Therefore, there is no dramatic arc in Star Trek: characters merely need to maintain the status quo. On the other hand, the crew of the Galactica are fighting tooth and nail not just for their own survival, but for the survival of their entire species.

It’s an obvious observation, once made, but it really does explain why BSG feels so tight and mean, where as Trek — for all its fun goofiness, for all its deliciously incomprehensible technobabble — now looks, by comparison, so flabby.

10 Reasons Why Battlestar Trumps Trek [Shasplim]

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