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An Insane Compendium Of Sci-Fi Space Suits

Spacesuit4Don’t be fooled by the terrible, 1997 era website design: this site on space suits is one of the most fun and fascinating compendiums of space suit design in science and fiction I’ve ever seen.

There’s a lot of stuff here I didn’t know about space suits… specifically how much sci-fi theory influenced their design. For example, many seemingly insurmountable problems (like communication between spacemen without radios) were overcome in postulate through 50’s SF novels.

Of course, space walking isn’t all glamour. One of the more hilarious tidbits on the reality of space travel.

And upon entering vacuum, one will have an instant attack of dire flatulence. Don’t be polite, let it out right away or you may damage your intestines.

Still, what really makes this article worth looking at is the absolutely gorgeous showcased gallery of vintage space suit illustrations and drawings. I’m still depressed space suits don’t have fishbowl helmets.

Atomic Rocket: Space Suits [Project RHO, via SF Signal, via Gravity Lens]

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