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40 Years of Doctor Who in 5 Minutes

With a show as long-lived and with as many intertwining chronologies as Doctor Who, it can be tough to come to it as a neonate. What’s all this business with those trashcans shooting laser beams out of their plungers? How does this regeneration thing work anyway? And why is the Doctor so obsessed with hanging out in Cardiff?

Luckily, YouTube user BabelColour is here to set you right. He’s put together an excellent five minute video offering a quick run-down of every single story in the history of Doctor Who (or, at least, every single story still extant in the BBC archives). It’s actually pretty great, at the very least for showcasing a smorgasbord of the gloriously rubbery monsters that the Doctor has fought over the last 40 years.

Babel’s Classic Doctor Who Tribute: Every Single Story [YouTube, via SF Signal]

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