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The Ultimate Dune Fan


One of the most memorable effects in David Lynch’s Dune is the simple blue electric glow of the eyes of the Fremen, the distinctive feature of the addict of the Arrakian spice melange, which gives longer life, greater vitality, heightened awareness and unlocks prescience in those who take it.

In Lynch’s Dune, the spice gives the Fremen a gaunty and ethereal look. In the real world, one body modification enthusiast wanted his eyes to look like that. Unable to procure the fictional spice and too hardcore for contacts, he went to an extreme length: tattooing his own corneas.

Bluntly, the below links aren’t for the squeamish. Corneal tattooing has been used before to correct imperfections in the functionally blind, but this is a healthy guy getting a tattoo needle jabbed in his eye. But the end result, shown above, is striking. This man may very well be the most hardcore Dune fan in the world.

Eyeball Tattooed, Dune Electric Blue [Ectomo]

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