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The Simpsons Do Star Wars

1_smOne of the first things I noticed in The Simpsons as a young boy, much to my delight, was their tendency to shove at least one movie reference into each episode. It’s an aspect of The Simpsons that I don’t think gets much notice, but I’m almost positive it’s part of their formula for a successful episode. Even when I catch them, I notice them.

Consider, for example, the episode where Bart steals a jar of Homer’s money, and rushes away from him, Indiana Jones style, as he tumbled boulder-like down the stairs. Or this classic moment, when Homer chases Flanders in a scene-by-scene recreation of one of the chase scenes in Terminator 2.

But one of The Simpsons‘ favorite targets for parody is Star Wars, and to celebrate the premier of The Simpsons Movie, has published an excellent overview of the show’s numerous Star Wars gags over the year. The only place where the post fails is in providing video, but with some diligent YouTubing, all of the references can be procured. Check it out.

I Bet My Wookie! [Star Wars]

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