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The Peculiar Sci-Fi Costumes of Dave T. Smith


Of all science-fiction fans, I believe it is the pudgy Dave Smith, wobbling wildly under the weight of his improbably themed costumes, for whom I have the most fondness.

We’ve all seen cosplay pictures from sci-fi cons. And while a lot of creativity goes into some people’s costumes, for the most part, all you ever see is an endless cavalcade of morbidly obese Jedis and mousy, pale but still-kind-of hot girls standing trembling in the corner in their ill-fitting Slave Leia outfits.

But Dave Smith is a different sort of guy altogether. The kind of guy who reaches one porky fist up for the apex of cosplay geekiness. The kind of guy who, deciding upon a Star Wars themed costume, won’t settle to be a mere stormtrooper, but go as the Mighty Death Star itself. The kind of guy who won’t try to squeeze his bulk into Batman’s leotard, but opt to go as Gotham City.

The Death Star costume is definitely my favorite, as is Dave’s delightful plot to retire the costume: he wants to wear it at a show where he can ride a bike down a long ramp into the lake. At the highest point of his jump, the Death Star will then explode as he detaches from it and escapes into the water. I have no idea how he intends on doing this: possibly by lighting a firecracker with his teeth. But I want to be there when he does.

The Peculiar Sci-fi Costumes of Dave T. Smith [WFMU]

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