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Task of the Week: Sequel, Prequel, Remake?

Jasonx_posterWhat’s the smart move if you have a series or franchise on your hands? How soon should you wait before making a new entry?

What’s the "magic number" of sequels before you need to make a "prequel"? 

Should we make a part seven or just hit "control/alt/delete" and remake the first part?

These are questions that must keep producers up at night, and there’s no real formula or consistency to the answer.

So, here’s the Task of the Week.  Create an entry to a horror series that would seem appealing to a producer, but that we know to be ridiculous.


Omen 5 – The Thorns.  A flashback entry.  The future parents of Damien meet at a state dinner and fall in love. We follow their courtship all the way to that fateful night when Little D is conceived.

28 Eons Later – Part eleven in the venerable "rage virus" series has the remaining humans evolve into beings of pure thought energy.  The infected learn to astral project and there is danger on all thirteen planes of existence. 

I left out a remake entry, since there’s nothing left.  Or is there?  Looking forward to your answers.

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