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Slusho! Top Secret JJ Abrams Project

Mystery_spot_cloverfield_slushoSo, mystery swirls around the top secret J J Abrams project.  It’s the hottest trailer attached to the, so far, hottest Summer blockbuster, and for most it was a bigger post-theater coffee at the mall talking point than the bloated animated racist explosions the main feature sported.

So, on the East coast they were calling it Cloverfield, but out in LA on the Sinister coast, they work under the title Slusho. 

When you google that, you get this, which is actually sort of cute, then creepy.  It’s clearly a part of the easter-eggy viral marketing plan, since one of the guys in the trailer is wearing a Slusho tee.

Now check this out.  We’ll admit to being excited about the movie.  We thought it did what trailers were supposed to do- hook you and get you talking without giving it all away.  Part of what killed Evan Almighty, was showing – in the last-minute previews – that the flood was real, though why I have mentioned that film twice in one week is a bigger mystery than the Slusho plot.  Apologies.

Back to the main point.  There are those who feel that Slushofield is destined to disappoint, and in fact, and this takes a moment to wrap your mind around, they say we’re only talking about it at all because they fixed it so all of the other trailers in front of Transformers were for weak romantic comedies, so that there would be nothing else to talk about.  Like, if there had been, say, an Iron Man teaser instead of another Chuck and Larry preview, we’d be talking about that instead.  Conspiracy?  Do they have that kind of power?  Who benefits? Follow the money!

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