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Sigourney in Aliens Direct TV Ad

Sigourney Weaver reprises one of the classic scenes from Aliens in order to shill DirectTV, claiming that she wishes she could see it in High-Def because it’s better than cable. See the ad on You Tube.

DirectTV has produced similar ads with William Shatner/Captain Kirk and Charlie Sheen/Rick of Major League. However clever, it’s painful to see our fondest scenes from our favorite movies sold like cheap tricks on the tube.

I expected more from Sigourney Weaver.

I’d be less riled up if she were doing this for Ghostbusters or Dave, but this scene in Aliens
works on so many levels; it has an emotional purpose, it’s the big
climax of the movie, and it’s also a brilliant piece of filmmaking,
seamlessly piecing together large scale sets, models, and FX shots to
make for a classic scene.   And it’s not like she’s affectionately
poking fun at it like she did on Saturday Night Live.

I understand that actors get paid a lot to do these ads, but shouldn’t they be a little more thoughtful about what kinds of ads they do? This isn’t just Sigourney’s most popular role, it’s her defining role.  It’s  one of her best performances for which she received an Oscar nomination (and a place on the cover of Time). People complain about the other Alien sequels cheapening the quality of the first two films, but this, to me, is far, far worse.


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