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Satanic Panic Chills Director

Nope.  This pic isn’t about a 4th of July picnic gone terribly wrong.  Over at Fangoria, the horror site that doesn’t know the
difference between question marks and quotation marks, direct-to-DVD horror
director Marc Selz is talking about helming his new feature, Satanic Panic, of which the production still to the left is from.
Selz also directed and wrote “The Rockville Slayer” and “Short Cut Road.”


Fangoria says Selz hopes for an actual theatrical release
for the movie. “A fictional story based on witness accounts that were inspired
by the hysteria of satanic ritual abuse which took place during the late 70s
and 80s, ‘Satanic Panic” is being shot in 24p HD in Rochelle, Elizabeth and
Galena, IL, and is looking to capture that older gritty look with a docu-style
feel along the lines of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ and ‘Wolf Creek.’ We will be
shooting the movie the entire summer, hopefully wrapping at the end of


Selz says that the weirdest things have been happening since
shooting began. Do you dare read on?

Maybe this is spin and maybe it’s true.  But Selz explains, “I’m really going to a
strange, dark place shooting this movie, and a lot of weird things have been
happening since I started shooting. Three people I know died last week, and
when I went to McDonald’s yesterday to get my daughter a Happy Meal, I bought a
chicken sandwich and the bill total was $6.66. Kind of weird. I try not to
think too deeply about it, but I am dealing with Satanism.”


Or coincidence. Or
paranoia. But Selz is right,
actually. Horror gets into your blood
and into your head. I learned that while
writing a book on serial killers. (I couldn’t sleep for days after reading the trial transcripts of French child killer Gilles de Rais.) And I
love the Web site for the movie: it’s scary and informative, especially about
that creepy devil worship scare back in the day.

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