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Quirky Classic! Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood

Todd posted a comment the other day, a forceful statement declaring that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the weakest of the Harry Potter books.  But this is the Rowling tome in which the quirky, alt-Hermione Luna Lovegood is introduced.  The book is one of my favorites just because of Luna.  And it’s Luna that adds a wonderfully odd depth to the book, Luna who makes it sing like Rasputina.  Luna Lovegood reminds me of a lot of downtown NYC pals.

But it’s in the movie that Luna Lovegood comes alive.   Here’s how.

Evanna Lynch, an almost crazily persistent Potter fan, basically willed
her way into the movie in a kind of assertiveness that recalls Old
.  In Order of the Phoenix, Luna’s weird, witchy ways and her
outsider-outside-of-the-box philosophy combine with the dazzling energy of a
young actress about to be a star. 

It’s no wonder that some Potter fans
have reinvented themselves as Luna.  There’s even a DJ Luna Lovegood on
Myspace.  But the reasoned aggressiveness of Lynch, the will-o-the-wisp spark in her
acting and the Goth-punk-in-a-kid nature of the character combine to a kind
of perfect storm of brilliant acting.  There’s no doubt. Lynch’s
Lovegood is integral to the classic nature of Harry Potter and the
Order of the Phoenix

Next — You R Harry Potter.

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