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Plenty More Saw to See

SawSo, those yellow journalists over at the Grey Lady and those copy cats at CNN have been laying it on pretty thick lately with gleefully self-righteous articles about the death of torture porn.  Why, if you study the numbers in our Box Office Numbers of the Beast column you may be inclined to direct your strangely carved ventriloquist’s dummy’s head to nod in agreement.

I say thee nay, however!  Sort of!

It’s been recently reported than no lesser entity than David Hackl has been signed to direct Saw V and Saw VI. That should raise a few hackles in the industry.  Best pun ever!  So, it seems that even without waiting for the returns on Saw IV,
they’re banking on years of success.  So, why aren’t they nervous?
Doesn’t that seem like a bad investment?  Don’t they read the Paper of

I say it’s because the Saw franchise isn’t torture porn at all and is, in fact…puzzle porn.  Like we were saying in our Final Destination
convo a few days ago, people don’t watch to see people hurt, they get
off on watching the traps work themselves out.  Folks like the
intricacies of the snares!

So, the journalists slumming in our little corner of the world are
sort of half right.  Movies about women being cut up are box office
poison, but movies about trickytraps set by weirdly puritan mystery men
are red hot.  They can’t tell the difference! 

I am totally forming a band and naming it The Intricacies of the Snares.  You can be in it, goatlings.

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