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Patriot Games: Ten Things You Didn’t Know

When it comes to action movies, Jack Ryan — the hero of Tom Clancy’s techno-thriller series — is a household name. Patriot Games, more conventional next to today’s summer blockbusters, still comes with stirring stunts and shoot-’em-up scenes.

The Synopsis: Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) thinks his days as a CIA operative and Marine are over. While vacationing in England, he — by accident, of course — thwarts a terrorist attack on an important member of the Royal Family. Unfortunately for his early retirement, Ryan killed a gunman with a ruthless big brother. Out to settle the score, the assassin sets his sights on Ryan’s wife and daughter. This theme of revenge is best seen in the film’s key moment, when Cathy Ryan tells her husband: "You get him, Jack. I don’t care what you have to do. Just get him." More than just an action flick, Patriot Games is about a nuclear family fighting for survival.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Patriot Games

1. Ford replaced Alec Baldwin, who played Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October, in 1992’s "Patriot Games" and 1994’s "Clear and Present Danger."  Although some claim the switch was due to Baldwin’s unprofessional behavior or his supposed demand of $4 million to reprise the role, the official reason is that he was offered a theater role that conflicted.

2. Original author Clancy disassociated himself from the film production after reading the first draft of the script.

3. Although this was a sequel to 1990’s The Hunt for Red October, the action of the original novels was in the opposite order. The novel Patriot Games was actually a prequel. Presumably, the change was made because Ford was older than Baldwin.

4. The line, "There’s never been a terrorist attack on American
soil," was included in trailers for the movie but was left out of the
theatrical release because it sounded too much like an invitation or

5. The CIA scenes were filmed at the actual CIA headquarters. This was the first time the CIA had ever allowed such exposure.

6. The cut above Sean Miller’s left eye in the climactic fight with Jack Ryan was real.

7. During the final scene in the kitchen, Jack opens the
refrigerator door. On the door is a list of potential names for their
next child. Under the heading of "Girls" are the names Samuel and
Jackson. Samuel L. Jackson plays Robby in the film.

8. Composer James Horner borrows part of his score from 1986’s Aliens for scenes in which Ryan and the others watch the attack on the Libyan training camp.

9. The original ending had Jack Ryan and Sean Miller fighting on
large rocks in the middle of the stormy sea, and Miller eventually
drowning. Test audiences were unhappy with this conclusion, so the new
speedboat fight ending was filmed.

10. Ford was paid $7 million for his role as Jack Ryan.

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