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Lindsay Lohan: The End Of A Future Classic?

The tabloids so have it in for Lindsay Lohan. If you look at your Perez Hilton, your X17 and beyond, you’ll see that the vast majority of the pics from the last fews days have featured the actress’ royal screw-ups.  Every tabloid in the world is running wild, asking other celebs what they think: as if they’re experts in addiction.  Frankly, it makes me sad for Lohan, who went from rehab to jail in 11 days. 

I could spend the whole blog post being an amateur psychologist.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree theory.  The Hollywood made her do it theory.  The loss in love made her do it theory. The addition theory.

But here’s what’s really sad about Lindsay Lohan.

Those of us who really love movies know Lindsay could have been a future classic.  The sad thing about these latest particular alleged crimes is that her acting ability is being wasted — completely.  Everyone from Bernie Brillstein to Jane Fonda to every producer and director she’s disappointed by screwing up knows what a horrible tragedy this is.

Her troubling addiction has put the success of two films in jeopardy.

There’s I Know Who Killed Me, which opens tomorrow.  Lindsay, who stars in this psychological thriller, couldn’t show up to the premiere and did little to promote the movie.  She missed talking about it with Jay Leno, too.

Poor Things — The Shirley MacLaine-produced little movie, says the New York Times, "was put on hold, but people involved in the movie said that Mr. Baron
Cohen, the producers, and cast members like Ms. MacLaine all visited
Ms. Lohan in rehab and rehearsed with her several times.  ‘They believed
in her,’ one of the people said."

If you look at IMBD, you’ll usually see name actors signed up for a film two, even three, years in advance.  Lindsay’s not booked for anything beyond Poor Things.  The roles have dried up.  Thing is, her acting in Prairie Home Companion, Mean Girls and Bobby showed serious acting chops and the promise of a possible future Oscar winner.  I know this sounds selfish.  But as much as I hope Lindsay gets better for herself and her family, I hope she gets better for filmgoers like me and you who believe(d) in her potential.

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