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Lindsay Lohan: The Best Chase Scene Ever?

In the Real Life Is Just As Classic As The Movies Dept., I think the horrors that surrounded the Lindsay Lohan SUV car chase would make for the scariest, possibly most classic, chase scene ever.  I’m not trying to make light of what happened in Santa Monica and on the Pacific Coast Highway the other night, either.  It was horrible in so many ways.

But after seeing the four TMZ videos of Lindsay’s alleged carjacking, the alleged running over an innocent guy’s leftfoot, the alleged pleading of the guys for her to stop speeding and the alleged arrogance of Lohan fueled by who knows what, I’m just plain scared of what I heard. 

The whole thing hits too close to home.  Here’s what I mean.

When I was a kid, my mother and I were kidnapped off the street, pushed into a car, driven over a long skyway and held at gunpoint.  Mom gave the guys all her money (which wasn’t much), and we pleaded for mercy.  Miles and miles later, they let us go.  I was terrified. 

If the guys who were with Lohan are telling the truth to TMZ, you can forget your Popeye Doyle French Connection chase scene.  You can forget your DieHard With A Vengeance chase, too.  If Hollywood could ever commit this chase scene to film, showing all the horror and emotion that these guys were feeling, it would be truly classic.  And better than anything else I’ve seen since that wild chase in the San Francisco hills in Bullitt starring Steve McQueen.

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