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Is Science Fiction Losing Its Heart?

Fim1The Houston Chronicle has posted a very thoughtful but somewhat elitist article by Amy Biancolli on the future of serious science-fiction.

The entire thing’s worth a read, but in brief: after the sci-fi slump of the 80’s, the genre is on the rebound like never before, largely due to the advances in CGI and moviegoers’ desire to see the technology put to effect.

But there’s a growing disenfranchised subset of sci-fi geekdom who are upset about their hobby’s sudden celebrity. They seem to think that in all the CGI bling, the “heart” of sci-fi was lost.

Frankly, I’m not sure it was ever as deep in Hollywood as these guys are making out. Hollywood sci-fi has almost always been about rubbery monsters and shimmering phallic spaceships. There are more serious sci-fi films being made these days… they just aren’t recognized as being sci-fi.

Ms. Biancolli writes: “Do we watch Fritz Lang’s Metropolis for the sexy android, or the Marxist parallels? Is The Day the Earth Stood Still about a guy in a soup can or a world poised on self-destruction?” Why can’t we watch them for both?

Is there a future for serious sci-fi? [Houston Chronicle]

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